Feb 18

Polar Vortex and Black Hair

Hello and Happy New Year! This has been a harsh winter. And on the west coast there is a drought! Clearly, this is not the best weather for black hair. This not the best weather for anyone’s hair, skin, or nails! The most important thing to do for your overall health is to hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! I am not only talking about what your put on your body, but also what you put into your body. First things first, drink water. The first thing you should do every morning is, drink a glass of water and continue to do so during the day. This will help your hair, skin and nails look better. In addition to drinking water, eat foods that have a lot of water in them. For example: oranges and lettuce.


With a hydrated body, your hair skin and nails will have a fighting chance when you lather them with moisturizers. As always, preventing damage is the best way to attack dry hair. Use a water and oil based moisturizer on your hair every night. You could try the L.O.C. (Liquid, oil, cream) Method. The LOC starts with a leave-in conditioner, water or a water based moisturizer such as Sofn’Free (http://www.mmcosmetics.com/sof_n_free_curly.html). Rub this on your hair. Next, add a thin layer of oil such as castor or olive oil. Finally, apply a butter or hair cream on your hair such as shea butter. If the L.O.C. method is not for you, then make sure you hydrate your ends every night. I use Sofn’Free, shea butter or coconut oil every night.


More than ever, hair masks and deep conditioners are an excellent way to strengthen you air against frigid temperatures. I encourage you to look into a hair steamer. Hair steamers blow moist heat on to the hair, which lifts hair cuticle. Hair steamers allow hair strands to absorb moisture and the benefits of any conditioning treatment on the hair. Some conditioners, like Phyto, require lots of liquid to activate. Therefore a steamer is an excellent way to extract all the benefits of conditioning treatments.


Remember, everyone’s hair is different so these methods may not work for you. However, if you are struggling with extra dry hair try one of these two methods of hydrating your hair. Hair steamers are available for purchase on-line. If you are not ready to make the leap and buy a steamer, ask your hair care profession to try going under the steamer.


The most important thing about winter is protecting the ends of your hair. Retaining hair length is just as important as growing your hair. Because the hair tends to grow slower in colder weather, it is important to focus on the ends during the winter. Remember:

1)    Wool scarves, sweaters, and coats made will cause breakage.

2)    Use protective styling to protect your hair from cold weather and wool; and

3)    Stay away from too much heat styling.


Are you guys going to change your hair regime during the winter? Do you have any tips? Have you seen a trichologist yet? Please share. Remember there is a science to hair care, so make sure you become a scientist!

Oct 28

A Video Called “Top 10 Tips to Grow Out Long HEALTHY Hair” about how to grow black hair

We all want to know how to grow black hair here's 10 Top Tips to Grow Out Long HEALTHY Hair

Top 10 Tips to Grow Out Long HEALTHY Hair

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Oct 17

“New Photo Series Shows Corporate White Women in Braid, Twist and Curly Styles”

Who’s seen this article on white women rockin’ black womens hair styles. We are always interested in how to grow black hair and this throws a twist on our usual topics -

New Photo Series Shows Corporate White Women in Braid, Twist and Curly Styles

“Seeking to spark a discussion on self expression and acceptability in corporate culture, photographer Endia Beal has launched a photo series called “Can I Touch It“. For the series, Beal selected white middle-aged women, sent them to a black salon to get their hair done, then put them in corporate attire and took her photos….”



























This could be a controversial article around another aspect of black culture being stolen and we would appreciate your thoughts

To find out more about “New Photo Series Shows Corporate White Women in Braid, Twist and Curly Styles” and how to grow black hair, click here | Share with your friends! | Leave your comments

Sep 27

Prevent Hair Loss

Hello Ladies,

Recently, I have heard from women suffering from the loss of hair. Hair loss can be a traumatic experience for both men and women. There are some diseases that cause hair loss, so if this is something you are experiencing make an appointment with your doctor. On the other hand there are things we can all do to avoid hair loss; such as using healthy hair care practices. Traction alopecia is a type of hair loss caused by traumatic hair care practices. (http://http://www.pinterest.com/pin/430586414343896883/)

Traumatic hair care occurs when your hair is pulled on in a painful way. This can occur with braids, weaves and dread locks. If you wear braids or weaves, think about how ofter you are wearing these styles. A. D. Watts’ book 7 Myths About Black Hair discusses the need to be kind to your hair. Sometimes there is no gain from pain.

Take a look at this video on YouTube for more information: Prevent Hair Loss From Traction Alopecia

Hope this helps,


Sep 20

Autumn Hair Care

How to make black hair growThe long summer is finally coming to an end. If you followed my directions about taking hair vitamins and adding more time in between relaxers then your hair should be longer than at the start of the summer. Good for you! Congratulations because there is a recipe for consistent hair growth.

By now it should be clear that adding chemical to your hair makes it more sensitive than when it is in its natural state. The weather can damage your hair. Cold weather in particular can be detrimental to the health and continued growth of black hair. As a result it is time to prepare and arm your hair against cold weather.

Fall has just begun and already it is colder outside. It is time to check your hair care inventory. Since I went on several vacations this summer and spent lots of days by the pool, my shampoo and conditioner are running low. I also want to stock up on products that will keep my hair hydrated and strong.

The following is a list of necessary hair care supplies for Autumn:

1)    Restock both water based and oil based moisturizers. These include: shea butter, castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil and sofn’free (available here http://www.mmcosmetics.com/sof_n_free_curly.html).

2)    Shampoo. Preferably one that balances out the pH of your hair.

3)    Conditioner. One regular conditioner and one thick hair mask. Both should be used with heat. As the weather gets colder use the hair mask two or three times a month.

4)    Leave-in conditioner or repair styling spray.

5)    Get some scarves, hair clips and pins to help you wear your hair up this fall and winter.

6)    Like my Facebook page: I Love Long Healthy Black Hair.

7)    Check out A.D Watts author of “7 Myths About Black Hair: A How To Guide on Growing Long African American Hair” available at howtomakeblackhairgrow.com/amazon7mythsbook 

Finally, hair care does not always have to be so serious? Since the weather is getting colder keeping a hairdo all day is now easier to accomplish. Think about getting a hairstyle, like adding bangs for a new look. You can also use henna or a vegetable based hair dye to give your hair an auburn tint of color.

http://howtomakeblackhairgrow.com, the best place to advice and tips on growing long, strong black hair



Jun 25

Summer is Hair Growing Season!

June 21st is the official start of summer. In many parts of America the temperature is already hot and steamy. This is good news for all of us black women who are trying to grow long healthy hair. The warmer the weather the faster hair grows. During the warmer months of summer, unlike the winter, there are fewer things we need to protect our hair from. However, there are activities, like swimming, that can cause major damage. It is important to create and implement a plan to grow and maintain healthier hair this summer. Let’s get started!

First things first, get some hair vitamins. Not all vitamins are created equal. Make certain you find what works best for you. Vitamins can help your hair grow faster and I have found that this is especially true during the summer. I recently discovered Vivisical vitamins and have nothing but good things to say about them. Summer isn’t here yet and my hair is noticeably longer. Biotin supplements, prenatal vitamins and Nioxin and Phyto brand vitamins are other good options.

Next, go longer with out a relaxer. I know, I know, how are you supposed to survive with all that new growth. Just do it. Find different hairstyles and push through. In general, add two weeks in between your normal relaxer timeframe. For example, if you get a relaxer every ten weeks wait twelve during the summer. Give your scalp and new growth a longer period to breath so that your hair follicles can do what they need to do. In addition, when you finally get your relaxer the difference in length will be quite dramatic.

Third, keep your scalp clean and clear. My trichologist informed me that there is no scientific reason to put grease on your scalp just for the sake of oiling your scalp. This goes against the childhood memories of many black women. However, now we know better. The truth is that a clean and clear scalp facilitates hair growth. Once a month spray a mixture of equal parts water and apple cider vinegar onto your scalp before washing your hair.  This is a natural way to get any extra dirt and build-up off of your scalp.

Finally, summer is all about tropical vacations and pool time. It is important to get out and enjoy yourself. Here are a few tips on how to take part in these activities with minimal damage. (I say minimal damage because chlorine and salt water will damage your hair. There is no way around this!) Before you get into a pool or into the ocean wet your hair. If your hair is dry it will absorb all of the bad stuff the ocean/chlorine pools have to offer. Therefore, wet your hair and protect it with a water-based moisturizer, conditioner or castor oil. This will give your hair several layers of protection.

I hope these tips are helpful! Good luck and have a wonderful summer!


P.S. If you haven’t already, check out the second edition of: 7 Myths About Black Hair: A How to Guide on Growing Long African American Hair”  for information on how to grow and maintain healthy black hair. This book helped me. It is a fast easy read and for under $5 has a wealth of information!

Mar 11

Spring is hair – How to make black hair grow in the spring

The finals days of winter are here and it is time to do some spring-cleaning and get a hair check up. The cold weather can be brutal on black hair especially when winter clothing is factored in the equation. If you are like me, you have used up all your products and are in need of more. There are some products I use more of in the winter than I do the rest of the year. This is a good time to look at your hair products and see what needs to be replaced. For example, I tend to use a hair masque in the winter more often than in the warmer months so I need to restock my supply of Elusence hair conditioner.

Check out this great book on how to make black hair grow

Black hair needs to be moisturized all year long. Since our hair tends to be porous (meaning it loses moisture) it is important for black women to establish a daily regimen that includes two types of moisturizing products. A water based moisturizer and an oil-based moisturizer. Water based moisturizers will have water as one of the main ingredients listed on the bottle. Finding the right oil-based moisturizer can be tricky because many people assume that all oils are good for black hair. This is false! Stick to shea, coconut and olive oils to add moisture to your hair. Both types of moisturizers can be used on a daily basis. Start with the water-based moisturizer then “seal” the moisture in with the oil based moisturizer.

Vitamins can give black hair an extra helping hand in growing long faster. Taking care of black hair begins from within. A healthy diet and the right supplements can assist hair strength and growth. Eat lots of leafy greens such as spinach and a colorful diet filled with nutrients and lean protein. This is always easier in the spring and summer when there is an increased variety of fruits and veggies. My favorite vitamins are Phyto and Viviscal brands. Both should be taken twice a day. Supplements that include biotin or prenatal vitamins should also do the trick.

Do a check on your actual hair in addition to your supply of products. This time of year, it is a good idea to start with your ends. If you see one too many split ends then it may be time of a mini trim. If there are lots of split ends, go a head and get a larger trim, but not too large. Continue moisturizing your hair and start taking those vitamins we discussed.

Finally, before we get to our spring-cleaning I just discovered that Adrienne Watts has come out with the second edition of her wonderful ebook the “7 Myths About Black Hair.” As I already said in other blogs, her first book changed my hair journey. The second edition has more information about the science of black hair, finding a good hair stylist, and she even gives examples of the type of products she uses. The second edition is definitely an improvement. So if you need some good information about growing black hair check out the book: http://amzn.to/UtO9nb

howtomakeblackhairgrow.com – the best site to discuss how to grow African American hair


Nov 20

How to Make Black Hair Grow In The Cold Weather

How to make black hair grow in the winter is a common question. Changes in the  weather affect hair in a number of ways. For example during the summer my hair grows faster. Right now the weather is beginning to get colder and it is time to start thinking about changing my beauty regimen. In the winter, I change my face cream and drink more water to keep my face from drying out. The same is true of hair.

Just like the skin on my body, my hair is sensitive to extreme cold weather. In order to avoid major hair damage, it is a good idea to preempt the potential problems. Think of it as revving up your hair care. Everyone has different hair so it is important to get to know your hair and pay attention to how it changes. Some black women need a more intensive hair routine during the winter. If this is the case then you should discuss this with your hair care provider. Hopefully by now, you have found a trichologist! If you are like me, you just need to be more diligent about moisturizing and deep conditioning.

The most important thing about winter is protecting the ends of your hair. This includes what you put on your hair and on your body. Here are a few of my tips for winder survival.

1)    Wool is not your hair’s friend! I love my winter clothes as much as the next girl, but I also love my hair. Scarves, sweaters, and coats made from wool will cause breakage. As a result, I tend to wear my hair in a loose bun more frequently during the winter. Think about purchasing some silk from a fabric store and sew it on the inside of your wool hats and coat collars.

 2)    Find a good moisturizer. I use shea butter and sofn’free (available here http://www.mmcosmetics.com/sof_n_free_curly.html). If you are not sure what to use talk to your hair stylist and get good quality products.

3)    Pay special attention to conditioning. You should do this already, but when you condition your hair, make sure that you apply the conditioner on your ends first. Sit under the dryer with conditioner in your hair for a deep conditioning.

 4)    Stay away from too much heat. This is a universal rule for black women with relaxed hair

 5)    Think about getting a trim. In my new picture I just got my trim. It has been months since my last trim and I wanted to put my best ends forward going into winter J

 6)    Finally, take care of the inside of your body. Stay hydrated and eat a healthy balanced diet.

Are you guys going to change your hair regime during the winter? Do you have any tips? Have you seen a trichologist yet? Please share as we all want to know how to make black hair grow during the winter.

Go to http://howtomakeblackhairgrow.com for more information and articles on how to growing black hair

Nov 17

Questions Answered About How To Make Black Hair Grow

How to make black hair grow questions

Chris asks…

How do you make black hair grow longer?

I have long black hair already I want it to grow longer any tips

Mae answers:

Take vitamins that have folic acid, it will make your hair grow long.

How to make black hair grow questions

Joseph asks…

Im black and I want to make my hair grow longer! What can I use?

I am a black women. I want to know what would be a good hair product to make hair grow longer? I want to grow out my hair but I’m unsure on a good product that will grow my hair quick. Plus make hair thick and strong? And not dry
So does anyone know any good stuff?

Mae answers:

Horse shampoo cut a little off the end every week like barely any